Midwest Properties, Inc stays true to the heartland's "good neighbor" spirit, by bringing quality housing to wholesome neighborhoods and meeting the respective needs of every tenant - from the family of five to the all-business bachelor. Their track record of success in creating a unique and inviting atmosphere that says "home" in each and every unit speaks volumes to the high level of hospitality and service that they provide. Midwest Properties pushes the envelope of modern property management with their signature "concierge" management approach, creating the best combination of tenant satisfaction, profitability and growth.

"When I first stepped into this apartment, I immediately got that feeling everyone is searching for when planning a move – the comfortable, familiar feeling of home." "My property manager was quick to accommodate my specific needs, and I got a strong sense of the pride he took in his work."

-Amber Williams, single mother and preschool teacher – Waukee, Iowa.